【IC】Hera switch

类型: IC
作者: moyu.studio
发布时间: 2023-04-29 03:02:00
更新时间: 2023-05-04 03:19:23
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Hello,This is Moyu.studio
In 2021, we brought the Poseidon switch
In 2022, we brought the Hades switch
And in 2023, we are preparing to bring the third switch in our Greek mythology series: Hera switch.
Hera switch Specifications:

  • Linear
  • 48g/60g three-section gold-plated spring
  • LY Lengthen stem
  • Custom milk Blend top housing
  • Custom milk Blend bottom housing
  • 5 pin
  • 3.8mm Travel
  • Made by JWK
  • No lubrication
    Interest Check Form
    In fact, this project was launched in 2022 and continuously improved in the following year. We have made multiple adjustments to colors, materials, molds, and springs.
    After several sample manufacturing attempts, we have finally obtained a satisfactory version and completed the original intention of designing this switch: a beautiful, extremely smooth, and beautiful sound switch
    To achieve a smoother effect, we used the Custom milk Blend house jointly customized with Jwk,And used the latest LY material stem in the Hera switch.
    The addition of a three stage gold plated spring makes every press of the Hera switch very wonderful.
    Photo by Nick
    Sales method:Inventory sales
    Time: Around the end of May
    Vendor List:
    US: TAB
    CA: TAB
    EU: Mykeyboard
    UK: TAB
    CN: Moyu.studio
    VN: TAB
    Singapore: Qwertyqop
    PH: TAB
    AUS: TAB
    48g version - white stem
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