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Sand Glass Ergo - 70% FRL Ergo
Designed by Fox Lab

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    Hi everyone, welcome back to another ClickClack-run project, this time coming from one of our previous partners, Fox Lab! Sand Glass 80% was Fox Lab’s first keyboard with an Ergo layout. This time, we plan to continue with the Sand Glass design and release a 70% Ergo keyboard called Sand Glass FRL. Based on the original 80% design, we have removed the F-row, also we call it “small sand glass”. The small sand glass inherits the design concept of the Sand Glass 80%, with its shape and frame naturally outlining the image of a “sand glass”.


The simplified layout of the small sand glass keyboard brings a more compact size design, making it lighter and more refined compared to the 80%. From the appearance, it seems like only the F-row has been removed, but in reality, we have made many adjustments to the key layout. First, we adjusted the overall width and length of the appearance, and then arranged the keys more compactly according to the layout, making the key layout and frame harmonious and unified. The result is making the layout more exquisite and coordinated.

In terms of the appearance design of the keyboard body, the initial idea was to retain the original flavor of the sand glass, so there was no extra design on the front. Adding a light or engraving a word felt unnecessary for the sand glass since it has already made significant adjustments compared to the traditional Ergo layout. Based on the original 0 to 12-degree turn, the sand glass was split into three sections of 0, 6, and 12-degree turns, optimizing and reducing the gaps caused by the turns, making the final transition more natural and the gap between keycaps smaller. Therefore, the overall shape looks more coordinated and flat, and with the “沙漏” image of the matching wrist rest, we decided not to make any more changes in case we spoil the results.

The structure still uses a three-layer design, with contrasting colors between the middle frame, wrist rest, and outer case to enrich the color hierarchy of the keyboard. The wiring is still concentrated in the middle layer to simplify the installation process, and the bottom case has no screws for a cleaner and simpler look. A shock-absorbing layer is also added between the middle layer and the bottom case to achieve a certain degree of buffering effect, similar to a softened table mat.

Typing angle of the small sand glass is 8 degree, and the Gasket design of the left and right partition is used to separate the plate and PCB, which can reduce the impact of excessively long single structure on the feel, and ensure the soft and elastic feeling while increasing stability, as well as being relatively close in the horizontal direction. The plate still uses the hollowed-out design of 80%, but it is not so extreme, and more consideration is given to its consistency and stability.

PCB and Layouts
PCB has two options, both QMK and VIA compatible:

└ Hotswap: standard ANSI FRL TKL Ergo layout

└ Soldered: ANSI FRL TKL Ergo layout, stepped caps support, split left shift support, split backspace support

There will also be a carbon fibre wrist-rest top piece upgrade offered, for around $475 total with the base board, and as an additional CF wrist-rest top piece for around $58:

What will be the estimated pricing?
Price is estimated to be around $435, but this is possibly subject to change. Accurate pricing will be available before GB.
When will the groupbuy start?
We are looking to start it around April or early May, depending on various factors!
Will this be unlimited groupbuy?
This will be limited to 400 units~
Are we able to buy the wristrest without the keyboard?
Unfortunately this is not possible right now! You are allowed to buy the keyboard without the wristrest however, this price will be around $405, subject to change!
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Unboxing, Building & Typing Sound
This group buy will be handled by ClickClack.io. Please contact the platform for more information.
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