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作者: Jr.Mars
发布时间: 2023-03-14 09:03:48
更新时间: 2023-09-20 04:06:45
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Ended! All stocks are sold out. Thanks for your support~
Hello there,
Welcome to Keykobo - Retro Mixed Lights
This is the 3rd set of “Retro Series” after MW-Retro Lights and PBTfans-Retro Dark Lights

This set will be manufactured by Key Kobo.
Same as MW-Retro Lights and PBTfans-Retro Dark Lights, this set will be an in-stock set and will be sold through vendors later this year.
Keykobo is a new ABS double-shot manufacturer come from China. After I received their previous sets: Key Kobo - BoW and Key Kobo - Artlife.
I was very surprised by their excellent quality and believe that the products of this cooperation will be very satisfactory to everyone.
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◎ Inspiration

This set is inspired by Tohsi Industrial Design’s “Eureka”, they used three different vintage keysets and blend them into an elegant mix-n-match keycap set on their keykoard.
When I first saw the caps, I found it so attractive and immediately reached out to them. They generously authorized me to make this interesting set from an idea to an actual product.

◎ Kittings

◎ Renders


◎ About Key Kobo
Key Kobo was founded in 2020, and has dedicated in researching and manufacturing double-shot keycaps. Key Kobo’s goal is to pursue precise injection mold and clear legends.
The mold has been repeatedly tested, modified and verified to reach the goal.I have verified several prototypes during the design process.
Key Kobo has several collaborations with NovelKeys and Geonworks and received optimisitc feedback.

◎ Contact

◎ Information
☆ Manufacturer: Key Kobo
☆ Material: ABS material
☆ Production Method: Doubleshot
☆ Profile: Cherry profile
◎ Vendor List
US: Divinikey / KFA
EU: KeyGem
UK: SerpentKeys
Singapore: Ktechs
Indonisia: Kukey Studio
Korea: GeonWorks
Taiwan: 鍵盤好貴
Thailand: Prophet
Canada: unikeyboards (GroupBuy)