IC】 Ginkgo 65 Pro Kit-the beautiful board is back and upgraded with new designs

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作者: Ckeeb
发布时间: 2023-02-26 21:23:26
更新时间: 2023-03-15 11:14:57
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Hi Everyone,
Thank you for following Ginkgo65 pro project so far. Ginkgo 65 Pro GB is live on March.15th from almost all vendors.
Ginkgo65 R2 Product Page
GB Schedule and Price
/* GB Time: March. 15 - April. 3, 2023
/* GB Price: 259 USD (Vendors’ price maybe slightly different)
Ginkgo65 Pro Gallery
Ginkgo65 Pro Render
Ginkgo65 Pro Keyboard Kit Render
Ginkgo65 R2-E-white x Copper
Ginkgo65 R2-E-white x Gold & Black x Copper
Ginkgo65 R2- Black x Burgundy
Ginkgo65 R2-Blue x Blue & Blue x E-White
Ginkgo65 R2- Purple x Silver & Champagne x Gold
Ginkgo65 R2- Silver x Silver & Champagne x Copper

Ginkgo65 Pro Recent Reviews/Live streams updated
Xinxinwong- Blue top case x Blue bottom case
Clackbait- Champagne top case x Gold bottom case
Apiary- Blue top case x E-white bottom case
Alexotos- Black top case x Copper bottom case, March. 24th
Pre-order Bonus: Anodized Gold Blocker
Check the Anodized Gold Blockerhere
A free Ginkgo Anodized Gold Blocker will be gifted to orders placed before March 17th (Deadline: March.16th-00:59, Beijing Time) for Ginkgo65 Pro GB from the Wuque and vendors.
Vendor List (To be updated)
US: Cannon Keys
Oceania:Keebz N Cables
Vietnam:Soi Gear
Philippines:Zion Studios
South Korea: Varo
Indonesia: Keebsmark
Rest of the world:Wuque Studio
What’s New with Ginkgo 65 R2
Appearance upgrade
/* New case colors

/* PVD logo weight

/* [Optional and removable blocker/url]](https://imgur.com/GVtBTwZ)

/* Default flex cut and non-flex cut PCBs are available.
PCB Layout upgrade
Hotswap PCB
/* Compatible with stepped capslock and 7U layout
Solder PCB
Multi layout, supports split space bars, ISO enter, compatible with multi layout plates.
Gasket Mounting Upgrades
/* Using the new Gasket Module method
Plate flex cuts designs
Different plates have different flex cuts to give a diverse feel and typing sound.
Ginkgo65 info
/* Typing angle: 7 degrees
/* Front Height: 19.18mm
/* Dimension: 320.39 x 119.47 x 32.72 (mm)
/* Weight (unbuilt): 1.3kg or 2.87 lbs
/* Case material: 6063 Aluminum
/* Mounting Method: Gasket Mount using gasket module
PCB Specifications
/* Hot-swap PCB: 1.2mm thick, with Ai03 daughterboard
/* Compatible with stepped capslock and 7U layout
/* Support QMK / VIA
/* Flex cuts or non-flex cut
/* ESD Protection
What’s included
/* Aluminium Top & Bottom Cases
/* Default PC Plate
/* Hotswap Flex cut/Non- Flex cut PCB
/* PVD Logo Weight
/* Poron Dampener Kit
/* Gasket Modules
/* Storage Case
/* AI03 daughter board
/* JST cable
/* A set of M·ONE Stabilizers
/* Keyboard feet
/* Screw and hex screwdriver
/* Silicone gasket sleeves
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