【IC】Gina - A Highly Versatile Macro-Numpad

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作者: KeebCats
发布时间: 2023-02-13 16:23:00
更新时间: 2023-03-16 15:07:46
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Gina by KeebCats
A highly versatile Macro-Numpad
In collaboration with James AKB and Cutie Club, KeebCats proudly presents Gina - a Macro-Numpad that boasts multiple layouts designed to suit 60% and 65% form factors.
Check out the UPDATED IC Form: https://kbcats.co/GinaICForm

A prototype of rev. 2.
All images in this post are of actual prototypes and are not renders unless specified.

Layout options for Gina

More Images of Gina: https://gallery.gina.keebcats.co.uk/
The story behind Gina
“My goal was to create a numpad that could sit perfectly next to my 60%/65% boards while maintaining full functionality. So I reached out to James AKB in 2022 to help make it happen.
James AKB suggested we add the option to flip the numpad’s PCB, allowing for regular & southpaw layouts, right-hand & left-hand macro columns and an ortho-linear layout. This was made possible with the help of Cutie Club, who moved the MCU onto the daughterboard, allowing the main PCB to flip and be soldered on either side.
To keep costs low, we used a simple sandwich mount style and added relief cuts to slightly dampen the sound and add some softness to the pad. After many revisions, we’re incredibly proud to present Gina. Named after my adorable cat who loves small spaces and makes awkward but cute eye contact.”
- NorrittMTG
The real Gina in all her glory - the inspiration behind the Macro-Numpad: https://imgur.com/a/xjmpnaK


  • Versatile Macro-Numpad: This board is designed to be used both as a numpad and macropad.
  • Unique PCB design as it can be flipped using a daughterboard; it does not require reflashing if you decide to flip it
  • Hotswap PCB Options (Fixed Standard or Southpaw orientations)
  • Compatible with VIA/QMK
  • CNC Full Aluminium Body
  • Sandwich mounting with flex cuts
  • Plate options: Aluminium (with flex cuts), Brass, Black POM, Woven CF (with flex cuts)
  • Compatible with 1.6mm stabilisers: TX Stabs, Durock, GMK etc.
  • Option for solderable LED (this will not come with the board) in both standard and southpaw NumLock keys


  • Layout: Standard, Southpaw, Ortholinear Standard, Ortholinear Southpaw
  • Weight: 480g~ fully built with Aluminium Plate
  • Height: 7 Degrees Typing Angle, 19mm front height, 32mm back height
  • Dimensions - 111mm x 111mm (Length x Height)
  • Confirmed Colours: E-White, E-Black, Anodized Silver/Grey
  • Optional Colours depending on IC: Anodized Red, Anodized Deep Green, Anodised Navy Blue, E-Pink (Provisional)
  • Pricing: Estimated between $120-$150 USD depending on MOQ numbers

Currently, KeebCats (based in the UK) is the sole vendor for Gina. However, if there is enough demand in the IC, we will reach out to other regional vendors. If you want to see regional vendors for Gina, please note your region in the IC!

  • IC begins: Mid-February 2023
  • IC ends: Mid-March 2023
  • IC Update: Mid-March 2023
  • GB begins: End of March 2023 (TBC)
  • GB ends: End of April 2023 (TBC)
  • Shipping: TBC (3-6 months, depending on order volume)

Get in touch


  • Creating more content of Gina, including build streams, content creators and sound tests
  • Finalise dates for GB
  • Iterate on feedback based on IC feedback

Updates (16/03/23)

  • Hotswap PCBs are currently being designed for both Standard (Right Hand) and Southpaw (Left Hand) layouts. These will be fixed layouts.
  • E-Pink Case Colour Coating will be provisionally offered. The case is yet to be colour matched accordingly and needs to pass rigorous QC, however, due to popular demand it has been added as an option.
  • Pending New Prototype Samples
  • Gina IC form V2 with updated questions and a space for Content Creators to get in touch with us about promoting Gina
  • NA Vendor Confirmed for Gina, more info to follow soon.

Special thanks to
James AKB: https://alchemistkeyboards.com
Cutie Club: https://cutieclub.cc
roscats: https://roscats.carrd.co/
Thanks for reading! Make sure to fill out the IC form to give us your feedback, and let us know if you want to get your hands on Gina!