【IC】SAAG65 ~ $200 gummy o-ring - final proto pics

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作者: moonsearch
发布时间: 2023-02-06 13:33:49
更新时间: 2023-05-02 09:43:36
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Moon KBD Presents our first keyboard SAAG65
IC CHECK FORM:https://forms.gle/kpGZ7XqvPe1nRYbFA
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/fF3UA4aztE
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/moon.kbd/

Hotswap and Solder PCB available - designed by smollkeebs
Case will be able to be purchased separately
PP Plate option added
E-white option removed, cherry blossom pink ano added
Plate design finalised, will make proto from PP
Waiting for sound tests for CF,POM,Alu and PP
GB Predicted to start Early May - soft cap of 350
No regional vendors. We have shipping partners around the world to keep shipping relatively low. Expect to pay import tax/VAT for Europe, Asia and Canada.
Lead time for orders is expected to be 4 months
Typing test
SAAG65 FR4 Plate Keygeek Raw Switches Typing Sounds
SAAG65 FR4 Plate JWK Poseidon Long Pole Full Nylon Switches
Typing Sounds with Different O-rings | Saag65 | FR4 | JWK EV-00 Switches
Final proto Burgundy ano with PVD brass weight

2nd proto forest green ano with PVD brass weight

2nd proto bronze ano with PVD brass weight

Brass Weight
Interior design - Elegant Fluted design pattern. The front of the weight is adorned with a beautiful fluted pattern design and is secured with two countersunk hex bolts
Exterior design - 4-Pointed Star Star with 3D Effect. The rear of the weight features a 4-pointed star design, which bears a resemblance to the logo of Moon KBD. The embossed star glimmers beautifully from all angles. Rubber feet provide ample clearance to prevent instability on the case.

The brass weight is showing on both the interior and the exterior.
The first PVD samples show some very light blemishes, will try and rectify this. This is our first time doing PVD.
1st proto gunmetal grey ano

Key Features
► Gummy o-ring mount
► CNC and Anodized 6063 Aluminum case
► CNC brass weight PVD Plated
► Total weight of ~1-1.1kg / 2.2 lbs unbuilt
► 6° typing angle
► Front Height 18.5mm without feet
► Multi-Layout Hotswap/Solder PCB
► USB-C via unified daughterboard
► QMK and VIA support
Who am I?

Around 5 years ago I wanted to design and make my own keyboard but I didn’t know where to start. During this time I started another business venture that led me to a path that involved the design and production of electric skateboard parts ( https://www.instagram.com/mooneskate/). With that experience, I gained valuable knowledge and skills in the manufacturing process which allowed me to bring my designs to life
Eventually, my passion for mechanical keyboards brought me back to this idea and I found the open source Bakeneko project. This sparked my inspiration to create my own twist on the design and led to the creation of the SAAG65 keyboard.
Pricing and Logistics

  • Estimated $200 assmuming we reach the MOQ of 100 units
  • We will handle the production of the keyboard (We have been making CNC parts in China for years) https://www.instagram.com/mooneskate/)

Case can be bought on its own. The case is compatible with the Bakeneko65
► 1x Keyboard case and weight
► 1x Plate (material of your choice)
► 1x PCB (solder or hotswap)
► 1x USB-C daughterboard
► 1x JST
► 1x o-ring
► Minimalistic packaging
**Case colours
Open to other suggestions
Album - Colour References https://imgur.com/a/IrEqsQC
► Black anodising
► Gunmetal grey anodising
► Burgundy anodising
► Forest Green anodising
► Bronze anodising
► Purple anodising
► Cherry blossom pink anodising
Plates are designed to allow for both Screw In Stabilizers (Staebies, C3, Durock, Gateron Ink and Owl Labs etc) and Clip In (Cherry Clip In, TX Clip in etc)
Thickness: 1.5mm
Type : Standard, Gummy o-ring mount
Layout : 65%
Plate: 1.5mm with no flex cuts
Single plate that is compatible with both ISO and ANSI PCBs by MoonKBD
Carbon Fiber

Compatbility with SAAG65 and other Bakeneko65 based boards
Hotswap (ANSI Layout) with compatibility for Split Backspace + Stepped Caps Lock + Split Left Shift
Solder (ISO + ANSI Layout) with compatibility for Split Backspace + Stepped Caps Lock + Split Left Shift

**Keyboard Layout
Hotswap Layout

Solder Layout

**Design changelog

V1 Prototype
► Clear circular rubber feet
► No brass weight
V2 Prototype
► Implemented brass weight
► Black slotted rubber feet
► Slight modification to side profile

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