【IC】Alveus | GB Raffle This Month!

类型: IC
作者: densus designs
发布时间: 2023-01-26 02:56:04
更新时间: 2023-05-02 07:53:14
原链接: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=119416.0

Introducing Alveus

Big Update: 24/04/23
Final Brown prototype has arrived with polycarbonate weight!
Get ready for some build streams and videos!!!
Sound Tests have been uploaded on discord, along with many more pictures!
Update: 17/02/23

Units: Units will be increased from 20 to 50!
Pricing: The price will be reduced from 500usd to…… 450usd! :WowBuddy:
EC & MX: I’m very pleased to announce that buyers will be able to choose between MX and EC as their base option. With EC the base price increases slightly to 460usd, while MX stays at 450usd.
Colours: I have decided to only run this board in Black and Brown.
Why? - Biggie puts it best: Mo MoneyColours, Mo Problems. Plus these timeless colours will match a lot of sets. If it’s that big a deal, you can always re-ano the board to your desired colour.
FRL has always been one of my favourite layouts, it was only some time before I would release my own take on it.
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Top mount
18.8mm front height
8° Typing angle
Weighs 2.2kg unbuilt
Weighs 2.5kg built with EC
Brass / Polycarbonate internal weight
Stainless steel backplate
MX PCB by Mechlovin’
EC PCB by Cipulot

Land Rover Defender 90 front grill for the backplate
Realforce R1 for the spacing between the alphas and nav cluster

Alveus features a huge internal brass weight, weighing around 1.24kg itself.
It has a nice cable tunnel on the under-side, The weight also covers the 4 screws which hold the backplate in place!
There will also be an option in the GB to swap to a polycarbonate weight, reducing the weight from 2.23kg unbuilt with brass -> 1.17kg with polycarbonate.
Helps make Alveus a good portable board as well as changing the acoustics.

Alveus will come with both silver steel and blackened steel screws.
This gives the option to the user to change the screw colour to match their board, keycap set etc.
Silver screws will be 316 stainless steel grade screws.
Blackened steel screws will be made of high grade steel.

EC Kit and Parts

Above is a screenshot of the updated EC PCB, with the added split backspace and moved screw holes around some of the 2u keys.
For Alveus, there will be an EC kit available for purchase during the GB.
This kit will include: Red aluminium EC Plate, EC PCB, Daughterboard + Cable as well as screws needed.
Pricing estimate for EC Kit - $70usd
As well as this, Densus X KLC EC Parts are still in the prototyping stage, with samples coming in a few weeks to a month for all the parts.
If the timing works out, I will be able to create a separate bundle for the exact number of parts needed for the board.
These parts will have MX stems and will be available for a lower price than other aftermarket MX-stem EC parts currently out there.
In case you still prefer to buy from other sources, here is a list of all the parts needed:
1x 7u wire
2x spacebar housings and stems
64x 1u housings and sliders
4x 2u housings, sliders and wires
68x domes
68x EC springs

Carry Case
Each alveus will include one of these carry cases. 1680D exterior and handle, Reversed YKK zippers with mil-spec paracord pullers and 2 elastic pockets to store all your plates and goodies!

Colours & Backplates
Only Black and Brown, this has been done to keep QC more simple and make the project easier to manage.
Might also offer some raw backplates as an addon.


MX PCB Supports:
Split backspace, ISO, split right shift support and split/regular caps lock.
The MX PCB also supports 2x 1.5u as well as 3x 1u for both rows of the nav cluster.
EC PCB Supports:
Split and regular caps lock. Split backspace is currently in the process of being added.

For plates, There will be a wide variety of plates available.
This includes Red Aluminium, Black Aluminium, Carbon Fiber, PC, POM and possibly FR4.
Plate files will be released after units ship, not for commercial use.
Half plates for Aluminium and CF are still options i’m looking into.
This section will be updated when I decide if to offer them.



  • Decrease the height of the feet slightly
  • JST connector seen in the photos has changed to a Molex connector, this board will feature the C4 daughterboard.
  • Adding split backspace to the EC PCB
  • adding more plate materials

Pricing & Units

  • Units: 50 units.
  • When I don’t know yet, once all changes have been made, and things are confirmed, the ‘runs’ shall begin!
  • How much? Estimated to be $450usd + shipping
  • Vendors Me, I’m located in Malta, boards are likely to be shipped out via MaltaPost or DHL Express.
  • GB Method Most likely a google forms raffle.

What’s Included
Top and bottom case (6063)
Red aluminium plate (5052) + PCB (options of MX and EC)
Internal brass weight
Stainless steel backplate
daughterboard + cable
Custom carry case
Rubber feet + screws
Stickers + small surprise!
Base Options:
You can now choose between MX or EC with the base kit, With EC the price increases to 460usd, while MX is 450.
EC Kit:
Red aluminium EC plate + screws
EC PCB + daughterboard + cable
Note for EC plates:
Aluminium EC plate has threads on the plate,
Carbon fiber EC plate uses included nuts.

yz - the legend whose input helped shaped this board, a true real one.
Mechlovin’ - for making some of the best looking PCBs out there.
Cipulot -the EC messiah, helping everyone experience oneness with cup rubber.