【IC】Funky60 - A 60% With a Funky, Normal, Alice 40 and Ortho-Slant Layouts

类型: IC
作者: JackPikatea
发布时间: 2023-01-19 10:35:43
更新时间: 2023-01-27 09:57:23
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Hello everyone! Jack from Pikatea here. About 7 Months ago I designed a keyboard with this funky layout. I personally really like it and think others might feel the same. While the project is mostly complete, this IC check will help refine the final decisions needed to launch this as a group buy.
I quickly realized that the layout might not be for everyone so I made some design decisions to allow for multiple layouts at a very reasonable price.
The PCB is a through-hole PCB. You might be wondering why such a desicion for a “premium” board. I know the funky layout might not be for everyone so I wanted to include both the funky and normal layout as a minimum for each order. If we did an assembled PCB for both the Funky and Normal layout, it would raise the price quite a lot. A higher price would not work well for a layout that is not traditional. This design decision opened up the keyboard to be very flexible. With this board, it would be trivial to cut out your own plate and handwire a unique layout if that was your thing. Because of this design decision I also plan to included an Alice 40 and Ortherlinear slant+knob layout as an addon.
Inspiration and Design Language
The design language of the board is obviously very simple. This helps with cost and ease of manufacturing. The full bottom weight helps to bring heft and break up the simplicity. You’ll notice the weight provides a slight angle change too.

JST connectors connect the matrix board and the MCU board together.

/* Case: 6063 aluminum in E-White, Grey, Black, Dark Blue, or Red
/* Weight: Uncoated sandblasted brass
/* Plates: FR4 or Aluminum
/* Mounting: O-rings or gaskets
/* PCB: Through hole kit daughterboard, through hole kit matrix board
/* Supported Layouts: Funky, Normal, Alice 40 and Ortholinear slant
/* Foam: Optional plate foam addon
/* Typing Angle: 7.3 Degrees
/* Dimensions: 310m x 110mm x 35mm (22mm front height, 32 mm back height)
/* Weight: About 3.7 Lbs assembled
/* Firmware QMK, VIA, Vial compatible - precompiled
/* Carrying Case Included
/* targeting $206 base price

Full Image Album
Typing and Sound Test
Appologies for the trash quality. Audio really isn’t my thing.
/* Funky60 Layout
/* Everglide V3 Aqua King switches
/* GMK seirka R2
/* No Foam
/* Normal Layout
/* Zaku Switches
/* GMK Kaiju
/* No Foam
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Planned Builds

  • Dutchmasterw
  • Lightning Keyboards
  • Nainaigogo
  • Georen
  • Disastertron
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