【IC】70o - WKLFRL

类型: IC
作者: Thebloodyez
发布时间: 2023-01-06 09:04:31
更新时间: 2023-01-22 01:27:54
原链接: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=119291.0

70o fixed wkl frl
Hi geekhack i am but a small designer from MENA and this is my first keyboard project\design, FRL fixed wkl rectangle using sandwich mount and leaf spring.
The rectangle details below as following:

  • layout: 7.5 degree 70% FRL WKL.
  • W: 356.613 mm /* L: 121.55mm .
  • Front H: 19.36 mm, Back H: 31.97 mm.
  • Mount: leaf-spring sandwich mount.
  • Internal brass weight.
  • Plate to top case: 7.8 mm.
  • Alignment pillars total of 4.
  • Rubber feets akb specs.
  • Leaf-spring anodized aluminum plate.
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm.
  • Fixed wkl.
  • Thickness: 1.2 mm.
  • Soldered only.
  • PCB layout support: 10U spacebar, split back, ISO enter,

1.25U left shift and 1.75U right shift. caps_lock and scroll_lock indicator.

  • Firmware: QMK, VIA and Vial.
  • Support Mx and Alps.


[Prototypes Pictures]

Notes: The V1 had spacing issues and its been fixed in V2 also the sides changed from 8mm to 4mm

Sound test by Baul:
[Sales Format]
FCFS 420 USD - 50 moq and sales will be conducted through sandkeys.me

  • Case colors: Silver, Black, Bright red and Navy.
  • Plate colors: Silver, Red and Black.
    Whats included:
  • Aluminum wkl top & bottom case.
  • Anodized aluminum plate.
  • Internal brass weight.
  • Soldered pcb.
  • UDB (universal daughter board) with JST cable
  • Screws (extra included).
  • Stabilizer shims.
  • Hard carrying case.

[Special Thanks]
Special thanks to MENA server members and specially :

  • infected for encouragement.
  • Bababaul for helping me a lot in case and pcb design notes.
  • Racan for making discord thread possible.
  • All others sorry if I forget to mention you but really appreciate the inputs.
    Thanks for keyboard atelier server members help specially:
  • ciplout for encouraging me designing my own pcb.
  • mini, fig, hiney, 4pple and quark for helping troubleshoot pcb design.
  • Maelk for help with the pcb.
  • Blacksimon science sheet helped me a lot in brainstorming.


  • Nothing to see here blacksimon… move along.
    And thank you for your interest :thumb:.