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作者: arr1
发布时间: 2022-12-27 05:55:50
更新时间: 2023-05-02 10:18:53
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It´s time to sweeten things up!
I think it is pretty straightforward. This set is inspired in caramel, but mainly to the liquid and viscous caramel we all have grown up with, and that is a “must” when eating pancakes or marshmallows. It seems to me that caramel has slowly become less popular within “sweet enthusiasts”, which is tragic, taking into account the innumerable combinations that can be done with it. Therefore, the keyset´s goal is to reaffirm the role caramel has in the food industry, as well as to show the relevance sweet desserts have in my life.
As I am Spanish, I do now firsthand how few Spanish-support keysets are. As a consequence, I have decided to include a south kit which supports Spanish (Spain and Latinoamérica), Italian and Portuguese. I am aware that this is not commonly done, probably due to MOQs, but KBM´s child kit MOQs are just 50, which seems reasonable to me. Novelties were designed by Stellaidoscope

Both deskmats have been designed by Pig Modding. Check out his socials, it is truly amazing.

I know what you may be thinking, caramel and a dragon? The truth is that in China one of the most typical desserts is a dragon made out of caramel, and I think it looks fire in a deskmat.

All renders have been done by me. /Final product may differ from renders/
Phoenix WKL by Cable Car Designs

Rotor by Densus Designs

Iron 180 by Smith + Rune

Maja by Vulcan

Beak by Stilou Studio

U80 by Rama Works

If you are interested in working in this set, reach me out through discord: Arr1 /# 2815.
I have decided to go with two EU vendors given the amount of international kits in the set (NorDeUK and South)
EU: Keygem
EU: Coffeekeys
NA: Otakeebs
UK: Proto[typist]
OCE: Allcaps
CA: DeskHero
SEA: Pantheonkeys
Base: $90 USD
Novelties: $25 USD
NorDeUK: $29 USD
South: $29 USD
Spacebars: $20 USD
My family, who has always been really supportive.
Cylent, Nopun and Spiked Synapse for solving me questions all day long.
1pctipaday, Ale210 and Salva for helping me develop the idea and improve the kitting.
Keebaholics, Jack and OtaBen for making me believe in my set and not give up.
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