【IC】Duo-M - 75% Spring Mounted Board

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发布时间: 2022-12-21 02:04:48
更新时间: 2023-01-23 04:40:01
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Duo-M by Duo Foundry

Duo Foundry is back with our 2nd project! Duo-M is a 75% spring mounted keyboard with a 3-layered case design, allowing for a distinct middle layer accent piece.
Through this IC, we hope to get your feedback on the colour preferences, design and an idea of the demand for this project. Kindly fill in the below form if you are interested! Many thanks in advance :)
IC Form: https://forms.gle/G24YtKKcQScSh5at5

Layout: 75% fixed hotswap + backlit
Mounting: Springs + Gasket
Case Material: Aluminium 6063
Weight Material: Aluminium 6063 / Brass?
Typing Angle: 7 degrees
Front Height: 18.5mm
Carrying Case: Duo Foundry Case
Pricing: TBC

Similar to our first project (Duo-S), one of the main objectives was to try out a new mounting design. Spring mounts! (let me know if there was already another board with a spring mount)

To spruce up the looks and functionality of the board, we incorporated a scroll wheel. This can be programmed to adjust volume, screen brightness etc.

Also, we strived to achieve a distinct middle layer accent piece that could go all the way around the board and to give an illusion of a case within a case.

Alignment of the plate and PCB is in-built via the alignment rails on the middle case.

After considering the IC feedback, we have decided to provide for 6 distinct colours! You may mix and match the colours amongst the 5 keyboard components. This makes for a total of 720 possible permutations!
Colours: Black, Navy, Grey, Copper, Maroon, Silver
Keyboard Components: Top Case, Middle Case, Bottom Case, Scroll Wheel, Weight
Visualise your colour configuration here: https://duofoundry.com/products/duo-m
Typing Test:
Build stream/youtube reviews: TBC
Project Status and Updates

  • Structural prototype: Done

  • Prototype 1: Done

  • Rounded off top case edges

  • Daughterboard area made larger

  • Increased cable through hole size on middle case

  • Adjusted scroll wheel mount

  • Adjusted scroll wheel gasket mount

  • Adjusted alignment rails

  • Prototype 2: Done

  • Adjusted for more spring compression space

  • Changed weight from brass to aluminium (sound tuning and better colour matching)

  • Youtube/Stream reviews (WIP)

  • More Prototype V2 Pictures*

  • Duo Foundry Case for 60%-75% Keyboards*

  • CNCed foam
  • Straps made of seat belt material
  • Higher grade sturdy handle
  • Metal zippers that won’t disintegrate with time

IC form: https://forms.gle/G24YtKKcQScSh5at5
Website: www.duofoundry.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duofoundry/?hl=en
Thank you for reading this IC! :)

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