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8-degree split 60XT

I always loved the FLX virgo but I knew I would not use the nav cluster if I got one, so I decided to make my own version of the layout. That is it. No introduction or drawn-out inspiration. I wanted something so I made it. If you also like what you see, then well fill in the IC. If you don’t, thanks for reading this.

  • Materials: Copper weight, aluminum top/bottom

  • Dedicated ANSI/ISO plates. Ansi shown below.

  • Typing angle: 6.5 degrees

  • Front height: ~18.1 adjusted at lowest point, see diagram below

  • Weight: ~2 kg unbuilt according to software. Will weigh once it arrives

  • 2.5 mm diameter o-ring

  • M3x10 front screws, M3x20 back screws

  • PCB by ToastyStoemp, MX and Alps support.

  • Possible Topre PCB from Cipulot offered. Hardware included but no domes sliders… NOT CONFIRMED YET

  • Fly DB by ToastyStoemp, with Molex-to-Molex. No daughterboard cutout on bottom of case

  • Through-weight design with specially designed acoustic cuts cuts cause I liked em

  • In a nutshell, the mounting is F1. Oring on top and on the bottom.

  • Assembly to be shown in detail when prototype arrives. Renders/ explanation below.
    ETA: 2 weeks including shipping

    Those with an eye for detail will have noticed there are no alignment tabs on the top/bottom cases. This was done deliberately. Typically alignment tabs cause problems with acoustics due to vibrations and resonance travelling from the bottom case to the top case; creating an annoying metallic ping. But they are essential because without them the build experience becomes horrible.
    To fix this, I came up with the ingenious solution to utilize the same o-ring that is used to mount the plate to align the top and bottom cases. This just means that you take the o-ring that goes UNDERNEATH the plate, and you extend it around the perimeter of the case. This has a two-fold intention. Firstly it aligns the tabs but it also compresses and lets the person building the board that the appropriate screw torque has been applied because they begin to feel resistance. This prevents overtightening and most importantly; limits the contact between the top and bottom cases.
    In the renders I show cut-up square-profile o-ring all around, but obviously one can use different o-rings for the mounting and the plate, to accommodate for softer or harder rubber.

  • RENDERS* Renders by Zetina
    Colors shown here are not exact representations of the actual manufactured color. As soon as color samples arrive I will update the thread (ETA: 2 WEEKS)


  • 100 units between NA and EU. May increase if there is enough interest

  • Sale system TBD based on IC responses

  • Estimated price around $435–475 depending on MOQ/vendors and price of materials

  • Only 3 colors will be made: beige, green and black, all with copper weights

  • Vendor information to be disclosed in the future. NA/EU intended, will update when things are finalized properly. Other regions pending on IC

  • TO-DO*

  • Finish pricing information

  • Get in touch with vendors

  • Test prototype and check different o-ring hardnesses

  • Get color samples in the other 2 colors, begin planning the date for the sale

  • Finalize rubber feet, either commercial or custom will be used. TBD

    My Discord server: https://discord.gg/nWXrcdX8uN
    Most updates will be posted on my server as well as Geekhack.

    This project would not have been possible without the members of my discord server. Thank you!!
    Manu, who helped me with every step of the way! Gracias puto
    Special thanks to Chonk, for supporting me blindly; Peppy for putting up with my bull//// and Manu for yelling at me here and there.
    And obviously Zetina, for the amazing renders.
    Lastly Baul, Lento and Peppy for helping me clean up the bottom row and yelling at me to fix the horrible initial one. You guys rock ::: Forum Signature :::

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