【IC】Zoom75 Updates - Prototype photo, price, Zoom75 x Kitsune collab,Typing Test

类型: IC
作者: Ckeeb
发布时间: 2022-12-01 21:57:09
更新时间: 2023-03-20 00:59:07
原链接: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=119026.0

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your interests in this project! We are glad to announce that we are closed to the start of the GB. Please check our recent updates below :)
Zoom75 Prototype Photos
Zoom75 Renders
Zoom75 Landing page
Zoom75 Video by meletrix
Zoom75 LCD Features display by meletrix
Zoom75 x Kitsune
Zoom75 Cool Grey Review
More reviews from streamers and youtubers outside China are coming soon.

Collab Edition - Zoom75 x Kitsune
We are glad to work with Sayantan on the collab! More information can be found from Zoom75 x Kitsune discord channel, welcome join us and share your ideas.
Defalut Kit content and Price
Zoom75 will have 3 default versions
/* Default version /#1 :
Wired QMK Version, non flex-cut PCB, including knob modular only (knob and external weight combo included), starts from $179
/* Default version /#2 :
Tri-mode Version (wired, bluetooth, 2.4g), non flex-cut PCB, including knob modular only (knob and external weight combo included), starts from $199(EE) to $230(SE).
/* Default version /#3 :
Tri-mode Version (wired, bluetooth, 2.4g), flex-cut PCB, including knob modular only (knob and external weight combo included), starts from $199(EE) to $230(SE).
Modular Kits and Price
When the knob modular is included as default, we provide all 4 kits as add-ons:
/* 2-key modular kit: 10 USD
/* Knob modular kit: 10 USD
/* Badge modular kit: 10 USD
/* LCD modular kit: 25 USD
Configuration Update
2U Color LCD Features
/* Default typing speed animation (e.g. a running puppy)
/* GPU, CPU temperature
/* Time & Date
/* Memos
/* Battery power display
/* Internet speed
/* Messaging sync (Discord, WeChat and QQ)
/* Static image upload
/* Bluetooth match status
/* Fan speed display
/* Dynamic GIF images will be supported in about 3 months (App update via OTA).
Note: Weather Display feature from last IC update was removed.
Configuration Update
/* Typing angle: 5 degrees.
/* Front Height: 20.14 mm
/* Dimension: 323.6 x 145.78 x 34.73 (mm)
/* Case material: 6063 Aluminum
/* Mounting Method: Gasket Mount
Estimated GB Time
GB will start from end of March or in Early April



Also, the Shooting Star Anodized badgewill be added to the Zoom75 GB.

Case Color
15 Zoom75 Standard Edition
**Color:**Black, white, Cool Grey, Lilac, Navy, Sky Blue, Blush Pink, Scarlet Red, Wild Green, Milky Green, Ivory Cream, Teal, Cyber Yellow, Plum, GT Silver
**Coating:**Electrophoresis coating (Nano-coating for GT Silver)
4 Special Editions (with engraving) color
Color: E-white, Anodized Lavender, Anodized Black, Anodized Orange
Coating: Anodized (Electrophoresis coating for white)
Supported Layout

  • WK
  • 6.25u & 7u spacebar
  • ISO & ANSI
  • Split Spacebar (3u-1u-3u)
  • Split backspace
  • Split left shift
  • Stepped caps lock
  • per key RGB
  • Hotswap
  • Bluetooth
  • VIA compatible
  • Modular Top Right 2U LCD/Knobs/Badges*
    You can replace the two keys from the top right 2 keys with 2U LCD, knobs or badges.
    Four Modular Top Right 2U Options
  • /#/# Knobs (Compatible with Zoom 65)*
    There will be default standard knobs, special-shaped knobs and custom knobs.
  • Standard knobs render*
  • Bear-shaped knob render*
  • Cat paw-shaped knob renders*
  • Case & back plate combos*
  • Standard case & back plate combos render*
  • Weights*
    Like Zoom 65, it has both PVD mirror and Anodized weights
    Zoom75 weights renders

    Note: If there are any changes to the Zoom75 details, the final product page in the GB will prevail.
    Please come and join Meletrix discord to share your ideas, fill in Zoom 75 IC form for this project or leave us comments.
    Thank you!
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