【IC】Orbit 65% - Curved,Silicon Top Mount,17mm Front Height. Update on GB in May

类型: IC
作者: Ra66it_AU
发布时间: 2022-12-01 06:50:06
更新时间: 2023-04-30 02:51:50
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Designed by Machina
UPDATE 30-04-23
Prices, color options, vendors, and more! Going in to GB soon

Hello there, I am Ra66it from Australia. Introducing my first keyboard project Orbit by Machina, a 65% silicon pin mounting style keyboard.
I have been wanting a 65% keyboard ever since I tried the tadpole mounting on Frog TKL. Started last year as a personal project, I received my first prototype this October.
The main idea of the design is to keep the keyboard as slim as possible. Internally, trying to make a clean-sounding keyboard with the least amount of foam.
The external curves and internal weight pattern give me an astronomy vibe, I hope this keyboard is also in your orbit :)
The look of this keyboard is influenced by the HHKB series (HG variant and Pro2).
IC FORM: https://forms.gle/pCphkNEkyidLt7gPA
DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/KZ7axT7zKg
INSTAGRAM LINK: https://www.instagram.com/machina.syd/

  • Typing angle 7.0°
  • Front height: 17mm
  • Mounting style: Silicon pin/ Tadpole ( 3 hardness options)
  • Screwless exterior design (detachable silicon feet hiding all the screws at the bottom)
  • PCB: Inhouse design with USB-C daughterboard - configurable with QMK/VIA, hotswap, and solder option available.
  • Will come with a matching carrying case
  • Weight: 1.5kg/3.3 lbs built for Aluminium Version

2.5kg/5.5 lbs built for Brass/Copper Version

  • Materials:
  • Aluminium Top Case
  • Two bottom case designs:
  • Full PVD Aluminium Bottom Case with 4 internal brass weights
  • Full Brass Bottom Case with clear coat finish
  • Anodized/ E-coated Aluminium Bottom Case (NEW ADDED as IC form suggests)
  • Color Renders: https://imgur.com/a/FFaE7GB

AU: www.najakeys.com
South Korea: Geonworks https://geon.works/
Rest of the world: www.machina.mx
Sale Format: GB (May 2023)
Color Renders: https://imgur.com/a/FFaE7GB

  • Anodized Top Case + Anodized Bottom Case $349
  • Anodized Top Case + Aluminium PVD Bottom Case $389
  • Anodized Top Case + Full Brass Bottom Case (clear E-coated) $399
  • Anodized Top Case + Full Copper Bottom Case (clear E-coated) $439
  • All Raw Aluminium Top & Bottom Cases (clear E-coated) $369
  • Hotswap +$10
  • E-coat +$20
    /* Prices in USD
    // By default, comes with full aluminium plate, 70A hardness silicon pins, 1.6mm PCB, and no flex cut on either PCB or plate.
    IC form here: https://forms.gle/pCphkNEkyidLt7gPA
    Added options for raw finish and copper in IC form
  • 4.MEDIA*
    Lightning Keyboards Build VOD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbM91RubDVk
    /* will update here once videoes are available
    More Color Renders: https://imgur.com/a/FFaE7GB

  • 6.LAYOUT*
  • 7.PHOTO*
    V1 Prototype photos

  • V2 PHOTO*
    UPDATE 06-02-23
    V2 Prototype photos

    V1 Prototype
  • 1.2mm PCB with flex cut
  • 4 screws between the top and bottom case
  • 4 separate rubber feet
    V2 Prototype
  • 1.6mm PCB with no flex cut
  • 8 screws between the top and bottom case
  • Changed to 2 long rubber feet instead of 4
  • Testing Brass Patina
  • Quality of life changes to the PCB
  • Silicon pin positions redesigned
    V2.5 Prototype
  • Can confirm 1.6mm PCB without flex cut is better.
  • Keeping 8 screws between the top and bottom case.
  • Keeping the bezels as slim as V1.
  • Redo long rubber feet molding. (failed last time)
  • Testing Brass Patina (ongoing process)
  • Quality of life changes to the PCB (ongoing process)
    V2 Prototype Exploded View

V1 Log

After typing with V1 proto for a month, overall I am happy with the look and typing feel, the typing experience is firm but not stiff, and the 50A silicon pins allow some bounciness in the board. Personally, I always build my keyboards with plate foam, it reduces those tiny noises and still keeps the characteristics of the board. The sound is quite clean without case foam, more on the clacky side. I bearly noticed any hollowness, but it is a bit loud for my liking.
For the V2 proto, the goal is to keep the sound profile more isolated. I added more screws between the two cases and lengthen the rubber feet, hopefully, it can reduce resonance between the metal pieces, and the thickness of the top case has been increased by 1mm to make the sound more isolated.
Red arrows indicate the newly added screw holes, the placement won’t affect how the space bar sound.

One thing I am currently testing is the patina on the brass bottom, I have included the photo in the IC form, please feel free to check it out and leave some feedback. If you are a patina artist who enjoys my design, please please reach out to me.
V2 Log

V2! Lots of good news, all the changes made seem promising.
In this round, all materials have raw finishes and I really enjoy the colours, considering adding that as a GB option.
You may notice that the V2 bezels are slightly thicker than V1, but I prefer V1 bezels more after putting them side by side, will change that back next round.
see the comparison here:

Overall the design is final now, the next round (Proto V2.5) will be the final round, mainly for review units.
I will lock in all the case colours, materials, and finishes after the next round. Please fill in the IC form if you want to share your opinion.
V2.5 Log
UPDATE 30-04-23
After hearing some feedback, I have changed the placement of the logo at the bottom.

Currently all the review units have been sent out, and more content will be released next month, meanwhile, collecting community feedback before we go GB in May.
ProtoV1 Plate foam only
I overlubed my left shift lol
ProtoV2 Sound Test [NO FOAM]
Lightning Keyboards Build VOD:
Thank you all for reading till the end!
Vincent - Special thanks for the amazing photos!
Eureka Foundry - Much much love for the stunning work from you guys! amazed by the quality of the prototypes.
The feedback on my design really helped me in the early stage.
ANZKEEB - Shoutout to my keeb mates, I won’t be able to make this without your guys!


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