类型: IC
作者: Bachoo
发布时间: 2022-11-11 16:37:06
更新时间: 2023-05-02 15:27:04
原链接: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=118843.0

Ouroboros (or just Ouro) is a 60% keyboard, with gasket mounting tabs on the PCB itself. The goal of this design was to achieve a flexible-yet-firm typing feel with pleasant acoustics.
– Important Update –
The keyboard will be fcfs $400 usd @ 100 units. GB will start July 15th 2023 available @ Mekibo.


Am tired, so enjoy some fusion screenshots for now.

Changes From Prototype

These are the changes being made from the prototype:

  • Lowered floor by .3mm for less chance to bottom out - Increased JST cable route size - Adjusted Screw locations on weight for more even clamping force

Case Specifications
Typing angle: 7 degrees Bezels: 7mm top, 5mm sides Adjusted FH: ~17.42mm (lip) ~19.69mm(front) [1] EKH: ~21.45mm [1] Mounting: Plateless Gasket Case material: 6063 Aluminum Weight material: SS Weight: ~1.056kg unbuilt
PCB Specifications
Switch support: MX only Protection: ESD + overcurrent MCU: ATM Daughterboard: Standard Unified Thickness: 1.2mm Firmware: QMK / Via / Vial Material: FR4 Designed by: kbye/studio kestra

  • Hard carrying case - Microfiber cloth - PCBs - Poron Foam Gaskets x15 - Daughterboard - JST cable - Case hardware

Colors Offered:
Black, Ourple (Ouro Purple), Green.
Supported layouts
You will have the option to choose between WK top or WKL top.

Sale Format

The keyboard will be FCFS available at Mekibo
The price for the keyboard will be $400 USD @ 100 units.


Soundtest - Gat X

Soundtest - Stock Nixies
Special Thanks

  • Armani/Static Archives for design sanitization
  • Proto runners for their trust and helping me be less broke ordering
  • Nathanalphaman for existing
  • Ankit for letting me use his formatting
  • My discord server for always being supportive
  • You for reading this!