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Sunset 80
Designed by Fox Lab

  • Intro
  • Design
  • Materials and Surface Treatment
  • Internal Structure
  • PCB and Layouts
  • Colorways
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  • Ending Statement
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    We’re delighted to introduce Sunset 80, a board with a unique Damascus weight. Every Fox Lab project has a key theme that it is designed around, and this time the theme is sunsets, from the light feature, weight, general design choices, and more.

The Sunset is a keyboard designed initially with the idea to make a simple and unobtrusive design – we strived for simplicity while having enough uniqueness to make it recognizable. The very narrow side bezels look very clean, especially with cherry profile keycaps!

The sunset-shaped light feature on the front is the finishing touch – a 3D sculpted crescent, depicting a sunset halfway between a mountain and a river backlit with configurable RGB light module. RGB can be varied quite a bit as well.

Sunset is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind with a 7.5° typing angle and 18.5mm front height.
Materials and Surface Treatment

► Main Body: The main keyboard body is made of 6063 aluminum alloy, with an anodized finish. 3 colors are offered: obsidian black, moonlight silver, and Bordeaux red.

► Mirror Stainless Steel Weight: The large weight seen in the picture is machined from stainless steel, before being mirror polished. It adds a decent amount of weight to the overall build as well. Mirrored weight represents the sky during sunset.

► The Damascus Weight: The special weight feature we shall talk about now – the expensive titanium Damascus weight piece and also the Damascus used in the light feature – Damascus is a composite material created from multiple pieces/layers of a metal, titanium in this case, welded together and forged, before being etched in an acid to reveal the pattern of the layers that can be seen on the material. The Damascus is used in the arch in the light feature, as well as the circular weight piece at the bottom of the board – as seen in the picture, with the name of the board “Sunset” engraved into the piece. Due to the nature of Damascus, every piece will look different, giving each unit its own uniqueness.
Internal Structure

The keyboard utilizes a PCB gasket mount, with a 1.2mm PCB and separate mother and daughterboard. The mounting tabs are on the PCB, meaning this can be both built with and without a plate. The mounting tabs incorporates a leaf-spring design to allow for a softer and more flexible typing experience. The gaskets used are LE20 Poron foam, and to provide further mitigation of unwanted movement, there are POM alignment pins in the corners to stabilize the build.
PCB Options and Layouts

▲ PCB Options: When going plateless, meaning building without plates, will be very challenging to solder the switches. If not carefully enough, switches can be crooked from soldering. So we provided a Switch Alignment Plate to help solve this issue if you decided to build it plateless, and you can easily remove the solder support plate once the build is finished. We also provide Hotswap PCB option, but Hotswap PCB cannot be built plateless, so we will pair PC plate with hotswap PCB.
Hotswap: a standard ANSI layout, Tsangan bottom row.

Soldered: it will have support for stepped caps lock, split left & right shift, split backspace, ISO enter, and 6.25u/7u spacebar bottom row.


Obsidian Black

Moonlight Silver

Bordeaux Red
Typing sounds with Zaku switches and the PC plate:
Soldered version build:
Hotswap version build:
Ending Statement
With its simple shape, elegant lines, exquisite details, comfortable bezels, and flexible typing feel, we hope that Sunset will be as beautiful as the beautiful sunsets in the sky, bringing you a touch of warmth and beauty before the long night. More information and details can be found in upcoming review videos and streams, and for any questions please direct them to our Discord (which can be found below)!

► Materials: 6063 aluminum, stainless steel, Damascus titanium
► Layout: 80% Tsangan with F13 / 80% TKL with WKL blockers and F13
► Mount: Gasket Mount
► Typing angle: 7.5°
► Front height: 18.5mm
Top and bottom case
Stainless steel main weight
Stainless steel sidebar
Titanium Damascus Sunset weight
Titanium Damascus light piece
Acrylic light diffuser
1.2mm PCB
Daughterboard and connector
RGB light feature daughterboard and connector
POM alignment pins
0.5mm poron case foam
Stabilizer shims
IXPE PCB sheet
Rubber feet
Weight protection film
Optional solder PCB
Auxiliary solder plate (standard with soldered PCB)
PC positioning plate (standard with hotswap PCB)
Poron plate foam (standard with hotswap PCB)
What will the sale format be?
Flash Sale(3 rounds)
What will the estimated pricing be?
Estimated pricing: ~$485
!!! Estimated pricing is subject to change and finalized pricing will be available before GB.
When will be groupbuy start?
We are looking to start GB by the end of November 2022.
Will this be an unlimited groupbuy?
There is a 180 unit limit for each color.
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