【IC】Leviatán - Plateless 60% -- MAJOR UPDATE. PRICING AND GB DATE

类型: IC
作者: LaminarDesigns
发布时间: 2022-10-26 19:29:00
更新时间: 2023-05-03 11:05:12
原链接: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=118692.0

Plateless, PCB-mounted leaf-spring 60%
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  • Materials: Copper weight, aluminum top/bottom

  • Mounting style: Plateless, leaf-spring gasket, Top mount

  • Case top layout options: WKL, HHKB, and WK

  • Typing angle: 9 degrees

  • Front height: 17.5 mm, adjusted front height 18.5 mm

  • Weight: ~2.1 kg built

  • Dimensions: 295.70 mm x 116.826 mm

  • 30A hardness, 1.5 mm Poron gaskets

  • AKB adhesive feet, available at CannonKeys

  • M3x10 front screws, M3x20 back screws

  • Leaf spring PCB (PCB mount) and standard PCB (top mount)

  • Fly DB, with Molex-to-Molex cable

  • Link to PCB compat

    Exploded view of internals

    Note: Rubber feet have been changed, top-mount posts added

    As it was said above you will be able to mount the board either top mount, or PCB mount. Top mount is pretty self explanatory. I was asked for a more traditionally sounding and feeling mounting for the board and top mount was the obvious candidate. As for PCB mount, this is where things get interesting:
    During my testing as well as all 40 participants of R0 we concluded that for some, the alphas sounded great but the mods were lacking a bit. Especially those who tend to prefer deeper sounding mods. What we did was try half plates. This allows us to keep the same tone on the alphas, and make the mods sound fuller, like a more traditional mounting style.

  • What the hell is a support plate?*
    The support plate is just a straightforward tray-style plate that goes over the PCB mount PCB to tune the feel of the board. Basically there are 4 levels of flex:

  • Completely plateless

  • PCB mount with POM half plate

  • PCB mount with Aluminum half plate

  • PCB mount with Carbon fiber half plate
    The aim of this is to allow people to tune the overall feel of the board, as well as the sound of the mods to their personal preference. Those who want a traditional board, can just build it top mount. I have spent hours testing, building and rebuilding my prototype with different plates and I have not had this much fun in a hot minute. Plate files will also be released so people can go ham customizing their boards. :thumb:

    From R0 to R1 there are some changes being made:

  • Rubber feet go from round bump-ons to AKB square feet. See renders for details

  • Top mount compatibility was added, due to popular demand

  • RENDERS* Renders by Zetina

  • PHOTOGRAPHS* Thanks to Peppy for the photos ;D
    NOTE: The rubber feet have been changed to AKB feet. No longer using round ones. They will be available at CannonKeys to buy as replacements
    NOTE2: These are photos of the silver unit, externally nothing changed for R1 so please use these to appreciate the external aesthetics.


  • Soft-capped open Group-Buy. Tentatively July 2023

  • MSRP: Starting at $375 for anodized gray version, $380 for powder coated beige

  • Only 2 colors will be made: beige and dark gray, both with copper weights

  • Price for top-mount kit and all other accessories is being calculated. We want to make sure it’s as well priced as we can. All plates sold will be ANSI only but the PCBs support ISO.
    Building on this: EloquentClicks as the European Vendor will be offering ISO plates for top mount and/or support plates for PCB mount. These will be completely separate from the group-buy and will not be available in other regions, only at EloquentClicks. They will still ship with the Group Buy but they are limited to European sales, since that is where people who use ISO will order from.

    The team at CannonKeys are hard at work planning and scheduling streams with your favorite content creators. Schedule with each one to be released soon! Photos of the color samples we have from CannonKeys will also be posted soon.

  • Regional Vendors*

  • United States: CannonKeys

  • Europe: EloquentClicks

  • United Kingdom: ProtoTypist

  • China/Asia: ZFrontier

  • Singapore: Hex Keyboards

  • Latin America: LatamKeys

  • Australia/Oceania: TBC

  • There will be more regional vendors* the crew at CannonKeys are working on finalizing information.

    My discord server
    CannonKeys Discord server
    Most updates will be posted on my server, as well as distributed by CannonKeys via their newsletter. Additionally when the GB details are finalized I will create a new GB post on here. Until that post is live all information presented here is subject to change.

    This project would not have been possible without the members of my discord server. From taking part in both private group buys to helping me polish and refine any design I come up with. Thank you!!
    Special thanks to Chonk, for supporting me blindly; Peppy for putting up with my bull//// and Manu for yelling at me here and there.
    And obviously Zetina, for the amazing renders.

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