【IC】Derivative R1 | 60% | Group buy opens March 25th - April 10th!

类型: IC
作者: Ustinj
发布时间: 2022-06-29 15:16:48
更新时间: 2023-03-19 00:12:02
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Derivative R1

This is the interest check for Derivative, a 60% keyboard. There was an very small run of in-stock initial units (Round 0) during Fall 2021, but there have been some design changes I’ve contemplated since then. I also wanted to share this IC in case some were looking to pick up the board - this is basically to say that there WILL be another run, and I hope to make it far more available than it currently is.

  • Layout: 60%, WK / WKL / HHKB

  • Mounting: Top / Relief / O-ring Gasket

  • Materials: Aluminum 6063, Stainless Steel Weight & Logo Insert

  • Weight:

  • Typing: 6.5 degrees

  • Front Height: varies, 22.4mm EKH

  • Pricing: Starting at $439 USD (US Pricing)

  • GB / Sale Info*

  • GB opening March 25th - April 10th*

  • US Pricing: $439 USD (WK/WKL) - $449 USD (HHKB)*
    (Pricing and sales formats may vary regionally)

  • US: jjwkb, 250u - 9 AM PT

  • CA: Deskhero, 70u

  • EU: KEYGEM, 70u

  • EU/UK: Prototypist 50u

  • OCE: Switchkeys, 70u

  • AS: HEX Keyboards, 150u

  • KR: Swagkeys, 40u
    Shipping estimate is the standard GB fare, aiming for approximately Q4 2023 - Q1 2024 for shipping.

  • Kit includes:* Keyboard, full aluminum plate, PCB + Daughterboard, carrying case & microfiber cloth, 50A O-ring, assembly hardware, misc. documentation.
    There will be add-on options:

  • Aluminum Full Plate

  • Aluminum Half Plate

  • Polycarbonate Full Plate

  • Polycarbonate Half Plate

  • Polypropylene Full Plate

  • Extra PCB + DB

  • O-rings (30A, 50A, 70A)

  • Design Info*
    Whenever I sit down and begin a new design, I always look to incorporate at least one distinct feature that gives the keyboard a sense of identity. One of the biggest challenges in keyboard design for me is creating something that is unique / different, while keeping design cues intentional and avoiding too overbearing complexity. Derivative features a sleek and layered side profile with contrasting curves mirroring one another. These are some key details that were considered in Derivative’s design.
    On the top face is a long, sweeping front lip that bows gently outwards towards the center. It gives Derivative a defining feature visible from a working angle, while reducing the front height of the board ever so slightly.

    With Derivative, I’ve added an accompanying bevel (similar to Geon’s awesome Frog) on the side profile that lines up directly with the front-lip to avoid that. The board’s side profile is a shelf design, curved downward into the table. Beneath the shelf, there’s a secondary curve in the base that turns away from the table - the two opposing curves work nicely together. The secondary curve is not a result of a stepped side profile, but a direct transition into the large filleted corners.

    The R1 weight is now longer and more proportional. A recurring request was for the two-piece weight to return, so it will be returning with improvements.

    I’m not an engineer by day - so custom keyboard case design may be the one of the only things I dabble with where fractions of a millimeter make such a core difference between having a functional case and a complete headache.
    The side profile of Derivative features a shelf design that cuts directly into the bottom of the case. In order to have a shelf design, there’s a minimum thickness required for the shelf otherwise the side profile cuts a hole straight into the bottom case (that is, if I want to keep the super thin side bezels). This became a careful, frustrating battle between three things - keyboard height, internal clearance beneath the PCB, and minimum shelf thickness to retain the ‘shelf’ side profile. If you’ve designed a keyboard, you know exactly what I’m talking about :D
    In the end, I opted to give the modifier switches minimal internal clearance - this buys the case more material for the shelf to cut into. Towards the center, the case internals opens up and give additional room for the alphas to flex where it actually matters.

  • Mounting*

    Derivative’s compact plate design allows for three practical mounting styles to choose from - classic top mount, a far more flexible relief mount (only viable on materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, etc), and large o-ring gasket mount.
    I anticipate the following plate materials will be offered:

  • Aluminum Half / Full

  • Carbon Fiber Half / Full

  • FR4?

  • Polycarbonate Half / Full

  • Polypropylene?

  • Colors*
    So far the colors I’ve settled on are:

  • Mercury (Silver)

  • Clay (Clay)

  • Amphibian (‘Green’)

  • Coast (Blue)

  • Velvet (Red)
    Here is a section of renders for what I aim to reproduce. Note that these are in prototyping and the final results will probably vary a bit.

  • Layouts*
    Layout will be available in full (WK), WKL, and MX HHKB. Expand for renders.

Typing (full alu plate, 35a o-ring):
Typing (half alu plate, 35a o-ring):
More typing tests: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=derivative+r0+keyboard
Build stream from Lulzthax:
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/XPEFcn8
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jjw_kb

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