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作者: ResonanceStudios
发布时间: 2022-06-12 10:12:22
更新时间: 2023-01-22 18:04:47
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Opus 1 65% keyboard
Alexotos Special edition vid:
Georen White E-coat:
IC Form:


6063 grade Aluminum for both the top half and the bottom half
Brass for the weight and the logo
POM for the plate
1.6mm PCB with 2 flexcuts
65% layout with full ANSI layout and ISO Support
7 degree typing angle
325.6 x 124.1 x 22.6mm and 38mm(At it’s highest point)
3.5kg weight
Bottom gasket mount
Our website is finally up! It looks best on computer at the moment since we haven’t optimised it for mobile yet. Check it out: https://www.resonancestudios.io
We are also removing the adhesive feet and are going to make them friction fit :)
All variants of the keyboard will now be priced at $380 USD!
We have considered what people have suggested and we have decided to make progress on the changes listed. The blocker is now smaller on the top half, meaning that the 1.25U keys are possible. We have also considered the 7U spacebar and this will be possible with the 1.5U keys and 1U. The logo is also now even, as previously the top border was slightly thinner than the sides.
Resonance studios is a design collective striving to create mechanical keyboards, utilising the most premium materials and finishes through disruptive design. The Opus 1 is Resonance Studios’ debut keyboard.
After purchase of our product it will come with the included PCB and daughter board. The PCB will be available in both the solder and hotswap options. Rubber feet for the bottom of the keyboard will also be included, with an extra two pieces on each sheet. Each keyboard will also come with a carry on hard case and cleaning cloth to keep the mirror finish nice. Poron is the material of choice for the gaskets and we will provide some extra pieces.
We are going to have a hard limit of 500 units in total, however there will be no limit on how many units you can order of each variant.
Currently the only version of the keyboard that we have a prototype of is the PVD dark nickel/rose gold variant with a full mirror finish. The PVD and mirror finish on all of the pieces of the keyboard will be the special edition of the keyboard. We are also dropping this keyboard in E-coat white and E-coat black with a sand blast finish. These variants will be paired with a dark nickel PVD weight and logo with a mirror finish, with the option of also going with the rose gold for the logo and weight. A black anodised version with a sandblast finish will also be done paired again with a dark nickel PVD weight and logo with a mirror finish, and the optional rose gold weight and logo. As of right now we don’t have any prototypes of this keyboard in the new variants but we are waiting on getting them in very soon! We are also planning on pushing out more media of the keyboard IRL instead of just renders.
Our target price range for the PVD dark nickel/rose gold variant will be $380. Same for the variants of the keyboard
We are planning to launch the group buy somewhere in Q1 2023. Initially we wanted to handle everything on our website, but it seems the attention warrants trying to get some vendors on board if possible

I took these images on an Olympus OM-1, f1.4 Zuiko lens with portra 400
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  1. Anodised black top and bottom with PVD dark nickel logo and weight mirror finish
  2. E-coat white top and bottom with PVD dark nickel logo and weight mirror finish
  3. Anodised black top and bottom with PVD rose gold logo and weight mirror finish
  4. E-coat white top and bottom top and bottom with PVD rose gold logo and weight mirror finish
    This is an image of the old prototype with the larger blocker. The new sample boards are being made as we speak. The weights have all been CNC’d and are waiting for the rest of the parts to finish up:

This is an image of the newer weight without the finish on it:

Layout options:
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Our Discord, Instagram and website are in the making!

Thank you very much for spending your time today to have a look at our project!
Is there a hotswap version of the PCB?
Yes, there will be both the hotswap and solder version of the PCB available
Is ISO supported?
Yes, the plate has ISO support
What size spacebar do you need for this keyboard?
This keyboard uses a 6.25U spacebar
What is the front height of the keyboard where your hands go?

The front height of the keyboard is 22.6mm. The measurement above is just the highest point of the keyboard when sitting flat.
Is the special edition of the keyboard a finger print magnet?
This variant of the keyboard is a fingerprint magnet which is why we have chosen to go with some more practical finishes. For the people that do like the full mirror finish version there will be a micro fiber cloth included with all keyboards.

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