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发布时间: 2023-04-16 18:37:53
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*GMK PurpleUWU
Welcome to GMK Purple UWU GB, something that I have really been longing for to enhance a
certain purple weeb set*. And low MOQ of 42 kits was ensured. :cool:
Fill GB form! Payment due once GB closed!
Purple UWU will feature 24x UWU keycaps, 6 keycaps per row 1, 2, 3, 4. This way you can equip your macropads, F-row, nav clusters or XT macro-columns with this set. Or even build a complete keyboard with UWU only!
Additionally, you can add a custom amount of columns on-top of your base-bundle order!


Renders are NOT color-accurate, they are just trying to recreate the look ofa certain purple weeb setand may not look the same as Oblotzky’s renders, but the colors will be the same. It will be in the same production queue as that set. :p :eek:

W1-AT by Geon

Frog by Geon

Bloq by Thok

Werk Technica Instrument Macropad by Zaum
General Information
Manufacturer: GMK electronic design GmbH
Profile: Cherry Row 1, 2, 3, 4
Material: Doubleshot ABS
Colors: will be color matched with a certain purple weeb setMOQ: 42
GB Date: 4/17/2023-6/1/2023 (or once 60 orders are hit)
Estimated shipping date: before October 31, 2023

Color “sample” for color reference. Picture taken by SacredSovL.
Color matching will be the same as acertain purple weeb set.
And shipping will take place at around the same time (probably a littler later) as acertain purple weeb set.
Pricing (& “Vendors”)
I will personally sell and ship this set from Germany.
Price: 40EUR.
Price additional column: 6.66EUR each.
Shipping cost: Germany 5.49EUR, EU 8.49EUR, International (USA, AU, CN, Korea, Canada…) 14.99EUR, UK 12.99EUR.
(Orders outside Germany are insured only up to 50€. Higher insurance will cost more. Some countries shipping rates differ (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland…))
GB FORM & Sales Format
If you want to participate in this GB, fill out the GB form.
Fulfillment is going to be made-to-order. Returns and refunds cannot be accepted. Please only fill the form if you are going to follow through with your payment.
GB participation form will be closed once 60 kits are ordered (or June 1, 2023), thus ensuring this GB I can handle shipping of all orders.
I will post a list in the comments of all GB participants, akin to early day group-buys.
If 60 orders are hit, payment requests will be sent out via e-mail, you will have 48 hours to pay. (Please check your spam folder!)
If you have any suggestions or questions or wishes, feel free to message me.

Thanks to:
Zitres for doing all render work and being in contact with GMK and overall helping me out with this set
David (from Candykeys) for being lead vendor
Yuliia (Mykeyboard) and Bapo for letting me use the uwu mold
Krelbit (and Oblotzky) for not caring about me using these colors
ImperfectLink for KRK2
Geon for the Models of “Frog” and “W1-AT”
Thok for the “Bloq”
Zaum for the “Werk Technica Instrument Macropad”
Everyone else who helped me make and correct this IC
Clacktales and MKD community for always standing behind me
dvorcol for his amazing community work
You for reading this! :-*

German community discord that will have a GB channel dedicated to GMK Purple UWU.
You can also hit me up in Discord DMs: Twitchy the inside man/#1337
Make sure to check out uwu30 by Liv and dededecline!

Feel free to use this Signature to fully support this set! Thanks ![:-

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