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Welcome to the group buy page for DEADLINE STUDIO,welcome everybody.
Firstly, thanks all for your attention and support.
Group buy date: March 16 - April 16, 2023
This time GB adopts two methods, a small stock + pre-order
**keyboard Pricing:

Supplier taxes and shipping costs are different in different regions, if there are differences, please refer to the price of suppliers in each region
Shipping time: within three months after the end of GB
UK: jae_prototypist
CL: fancy.customs
MY: mecha.store
INDO: curatedbykwok
OCE: Allcaps.store
JP: yushakobo.jp
TH: febust.channel
SG : ilumkb

DEADLINE studio // New Retro /#66 // 65% keyboard set
Colour option:
01 Silver anodized(E-coating green triangle bracket + white transparent PC) 02 Violet E-coating(anodized purple triangle bracket + gradual transparent PC)

03 Cream E-coating (E-coating cream triangle bracket + white transparent PC) 04 Orange E-coating (E-coating orange triangle bracket + white transparent PC)

05 Dark blue E-coating(anodized silver triangle bracket + black transparent PC)


The two 1u on the far right can be desoldered and the ec11 knob can be welded after the hot-swap axle seat removed
Capslock supports hot-swap flip-chip axis left shift
Capslock supports CAPS indicator
WKL space line support: 1.5-1.5-6.25-1.5-1.25
WK space line support: 1.25-1.25-1.25-6.25-1.5-1.25

Two pcb options are available:
① PCB is designed and produced by Mechlovin’Studio
Qmk/VIA supported
USB-C interface
② bi-mode RGB ( Bluetooth 5.0 solution ,VIA supported,USB-C interface)

FR4 English or Japanese② choose ①

**Kit list:

Top case(Aluminum anodized/E-coating)
Bottom case (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)
Front pack(PC)
Back pack (PC)
Left pack (Aluminum anodized)
Right pack (Aluminum anodized)
Decoration block (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)
Internal weight (PVD)
Weight badge (PVD)
Fr4 plate
Hotswap PCB
0.25u decoration block (Aluminum anodized/E-coating、PC)
Connecting rod (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)
Triangle bracket (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)
PCB decoration block (Aluminum anodized)
Knob/*2 (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)
Poron bottom cotton
Poron sandwich cotton
Poron vibration-absorbing cotton
Ixpe pad
Typing angle 7°
Typing height 22.5mm

① triangle bracket ② connect rod

③ PCB decoration block ④ Knob

⑤ plate
Due to the large typing angle,we design a wrist rest to sell together with the keyboard


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Thanks all for your attention and support.

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