【GB】Machida - WKL|HHKB 40% Keyboard - March 11th to April 2nd

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作者: fruitykeeb
发布时间: 2023-03-10 23:49:55
更新时间: 2023-03-14 17:40:05
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Machida Group Buy
Premium WKL/HHKB 40% Keyboard***https://www.fruitykeeb.xyz
March 11th @ 12pm CST - April 2nd @ midnight***
Shipping Estimated by Q4 2023
** Prototype Photos

HHKB Model has been adjusted to fix the gaps on either end :thumb:

More Photos ;D



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    Group Buy Details
    Machida (pronounced ma-chi-da) is a Premium 40% Keyboard, sporting a 13u WKL or HHKB layout, and utilizes an o-ring bottom + gasket top mount construction.
    Supported Layouts:


Exploded View:


Keyboard Specifications:

  • Typing Angle: 5.0o
  • Case Materials: Anodized Aluminum Top and Bottom Body, Brass Weight
  • Mounting: Gummy O-Ring Bottom and Gasket Top
  • PCB: Solder PCB with USB-C Daughterboard - Configurable with VIAL
  • Front Height: 19mm Effective Height

What’s Included:

  • Aluminum Case (in config of choice)
  • Brass Weight (Blasted or PVD)
  • Solder PCB
  • Black Aluminum Plate
  • Daughterboard and JST
  • 70A O-Ring and Gaskets
  • Hardware for Assembly
  • Carrying Case
  • Feet
  • Authentication Card

$380 for Red, Turquoise, and Silver Anodize
$390 for E-White and Black Anodize
$45 for Extra Solder PCB
$20-35 for Extra Plate (Alu, PC, CF, and FR4)
$7 for 50/70A O-Rings and Extra DB/Cables
25 units MOQ, not capped. Limited to what I’m willing to fulfill ;D

Colors (see below)
WKL or HHKB Layouts
Rear Engraving
What’s that mean?


Red + Brass

Turquoise + Brass

Silver + Brass

E-White + Brass

Black + Black PVD Brass

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Keebnewb Stream Vod
Nainaigogo Typing Test
Thanks to OCM for the artwork and actually carrying this hobby
Dani for pushing this to become something truly unique
Stilou Studio for the original inspiration and their blessing for the design
Derek for the many late nights searching for inspiration
All the prototype buyers for their trust and enabling this design to see the light
And Everyone who has bought any of my boards and supported me along the way.
Thank you
Consider joining the Fruitykeeb Discord if you enjoy my work and following the Instagram for more content.
Thanks for checking this out :thumb:

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