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Sunset 80
Designed by Fox Lab

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    Hello everyone,
    This is ClickClack. We are ready to kick off groupbuy of Fox Lab Sunset 80!
    Sunset 80 is a TKL with a unique Damascus weight and a sunset-shaped light feature on the front. Structure-wise, Sunset 80 can be build in regular gasket mount or plateless.
    To learn more about Sunset’s design, please refer to Interest Check Post.
    Product Build and Review Videos
    ▲ alexotos

▲ LightningXI (using 1.6mm PCB)
▲ LightningXI (using 1.2mm PCB)
▲ TaehaType
Looking for more pictures?

Obsidian Black: Mirror PVD SS Main Weight and Navy Damascus weight

Moonlight Silver: Mirror PVD SS Main Weight and Babyblue Damascus weight

Bordeaux Red: Mirror PVD SS Main Weight and Silver Damascus weight
Groupbuy Info
Join GB here

Pricing: $485
Groupbuy Start Time: 01/20/2023 12:00 EST
Groupbuy End Time: 01/25/2023 23:59 EST
Estimated Fulfillment Time: Q2 2023
Sale Format
▶ FCFS, 180 units limit for each colorway and each color will be available for 2 days/until limit hit
▶ Colorway sale schedule: 01/20 - 01/21: Obsidian Black, 01/22 - 01/23: Moonlight Silver, 01/24-01/25: Bordeaux Red
Kit Options
You may choose PCB in your kit:
▶ Soldered
▶ Hotswap
You may choose from following layout for your kit:
▶ WKL F13
▶ WK F13
Add-ons / Extras
▶ Hotswap PCB: $60
╚ 1 x 1.6mm Hotswap PCB
╚ 1 x IXPE Foam for PCB
╚ 1 x Polycarbonate Plate
╚ 1 x Poron Plate Foam
▶ Soldered PCB: $60
╚ 1 x 1.6mm Soldered PCB
╚ 1 x IXPE Foam for PCB
╚ 1 x Auxiliary Solder Plate
► Materials: 6063 aluminum, stainless steel, Damascus titanium
► Layout: 80% Tsangan with F13 / 80% TKL with WKL blockers and F13
► Mount: Gasket Mount
► Typing angle: 7.5°
► Front height: 18.5mm
What’s Included
Top and bottom case
Stainless steel main weight
Stainless steel sidebar
Titanium Damascus Sunset weight
Titanium Damascus light piece
Acrylic light diffuser
► 1.6mm PCB (We listened to community feedback and now PCBs are all updated to 1.6mm)
Daughterboard and connector
RGB light feature daughterboard and connector
POM alignment pins
0.5mm PORON Case foam
Stabilizer shims
IXPE PCB sheet
Rubber feet
Weight protection film
Optional solder PCB
Auxiliary solder plate (standard with soldered PCB)
Polycarbonate plate (standard with hotswap PCB)
PORON plate foam (standard with hotswap PCB)
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