【GB】IFK Classic Magic - One more Week!

类型: GB
作者: spikedsynapse
发布时间: 2022-12-15 11:24:06
更新时间: 2023-01-20 11:51:32
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IFK Classic Magic
An Official Magic: The Gathering™ Keycap Set

Classic magic is best enjoyed with the classics. Seen here on the instant classic OGR by AKB.
As a long-time fan of tabletop games, Magic: The Gathering has always been one of my
favorites. With this set I am celebrating the classic look of Magic: The Gathering. These caps
use the same uncial typeface that was used on early MTG packs. The colors are inspired by the
back of Magic cards. This set has been designed to ensure that if multi-planar space wizards
had mechanical keyboards, these are the caps they would use.
NA Only: Clackeys.com
Set Info
Profile: Cherry
Group buy: December 15, 2022 through Jan 16, 2022
Estimated delivery: 6 months after GB end
Manufacturer: Infinikey
IP: Officially Licensed with Wizards of the Coast.
Base Kit: $99.00
Numpad Kit: $20.99
Spacebar Kit: $19.99
Compatibility Kit: $21.99
Mana Kit: $15.99
Novelty Kit: $19.99
Combo Kit: $125.00
(includes Basekit, Novelties, & Mana)
Combo Kit

Base Kit

Numpad Kit

Compatibility Kit

Spacebar Kit

Mana Kit

Novelty Kit


On the Adélie by Abec13

Mana Kit in Robert’s hand

Novelties on a magic card.
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