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作者: MelonBred
发布时间: 2022-05-15 14:41:53
更新时间: 2023-01-23 12:06:17
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40% WKL Keyboard

Technical Specifications

  • 12.75u Layout with 0.75u “WKL” Blockers
  • 4-piece case | 6063 aluminum case, polished stainless steel or raw brass weight
  • Mounting Method | sandwiched integrated half plate + poron foam strips.
  • Typing Angle = 6
  • Effective Key Height = 24.2 mm
  • Soldered PCB powered by Atmega 32u4 and C3 unified daughterboard
  • Support for 6.25u spacebar and 2u/2.25u split spacebar
  • Optional rotary encoder support
  • Flex cut on the PCB between 2nd and 3rd rows
  • QMK / Vial support (Vial will be preflashed on the PCB)

Supported Layouts

Release Information
Vendor | P3D Store (Product Page)
Unlimited Group Buy
Dates | May 21st - July 1st
Expected Delivery | Q4 2022
Colour Options:

  • Top - Black, E-White, Red, Indian Teal, Grape

  • Please note, final color samples of Indian Teal and Grape are arriving prior to group buy. This thread and the product page will be updated when these colors arrive

  • [2022/05/20] Final color samples for Indian Teal and Grape have arrived. Please see the product page!

  • Plate / Bottom - Black

  • Weight - Polished Stainless Steel, Raw Brass

  • In-house Cerakote service will be made available. See product page or pricing section below for more information.

  • Included in Pegasus Kit*
    1x Top | anodized or e-coating (white)
    1x Plate | anodized
    1x Bottom | anodized
    1x Weight | polished stainless steel or raw brass
    1x PCB (soldered), JST cable, C3 unified daughterboard
    4x bumpons
    1x screw and accessory bag

  • Pricing*

  • Pegasus Keyboard Kit - $350* (US domestic shipping included)
    International DHL Express Shipping

  • Canada | +$30

  • Rest of the World | +$40

  • If the shipping price does not match the +$30 for Canada and +$40 for the rest of the world, please place your order and contact P3D store by email for a partial shipping refund. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience. Support email: support@p3dstore.com

  • Cearkote Options*
    Single Color | $25 per piece
    Multi Color | $35 per piece

  • Extra Add-Ons*
    Anodized or E-White Top | Product Page | $70
    Black Anodized Switch Plate | $60
    PCB (no daughterboard) | $40
    Black EVA Plate Foam | $10
    Black EVA Caes Foam | $10
    Rotary Encoder | $4

  • Content*

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where will this be shipping from?

Minnesota, USA.
2. Will there be any other vendors?
No. P3D Store is the worldwide vendor for this project.
3. What’s the expected fulfillment timeline?
We are expecting 4 months from the time of group buy close. This will vary based on how COVID-19 regulations may change in China.
4. Is there a way to get notified of when the group buy starts?
Yes! Please sign up for the email notification on the bottom of the product page linked above.
5. Will custom cerakote orders ship after standard colors ship?
Yes. We expect cerakote orders will ship a few weeks after standard colors ship. This timeline may vary depending on how many cerakote orders and unique colors there are. We will have a better idea after the group buy closes.
6. Why is the brass offered as raw/uncoated?
Many folks expressed interest in raw brass to force patina their weights. However, a coated option will be offered at group buy.
7. What cerakote options are available?
Please refer to the Cerakote Color Gallery on P3Dstore.com
More information on this project can be found in the interest check thread.

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