【GB】GMK Red Alert - shipping confirmed Jan|Feb 2023!

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发布时间: 2021-03-04 16:47:34
更新时间: 2023-01-24 09:28:09
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GMK Red Alert

Hubble 65 by Yoni and Mechs & Co with GMK Red Alert.
Render by pikku-allu.

*Thanks to the following people for approving this Group Buy:

  • Seoulcialite (the last runner of DCS Red Alert)

  • Ragnorock (runner of white-on-red Red Alert back in 2012)

  • Photekq (runner of GMK Red Alert in 2015)

  • Warren (runner of GMK Classic Red)

  • I have additionally reached out to sixty and uranium, the first runners of Red Alert, and will update this IC when (if, unfortunately…) they write back.*
    Red Alert has run various times throughout the years. It first ran during 2011 as OTD Red Alert thanks to sixty and uranium, who worked extremely hard with SP to perfect their custom legends almost a decade ago.
    Five years after the last group buy - and with approval from many previous RA runners - I have revived this classic colorway for a new wave of keyboard enthusiasts. The updated base kit has been paired with odes to OTD Red Alert and vintage Cherry keysets, including two Ramas approved by Cherry.
    Interest Check Thread
    Please visit the Interest Check thread for details on GMK Red Alert.
    This run of GMK Red Alert will use GMK stock colors P3, CP and U9. See below for an uncalibrated photo (with other stock colors for reference).


  • GMK Red Alert will be available for pre-order from March 5th to April 9th, 2021 at these vendors.*
    US - Mechs & Co
    SEA - Monokei
    CA - DeskHero
    EU - MyKeyboard.eu
    AU - Daily Clack
    UK - Prototypist.net
    CN - ZFrontier
    Big big thanks to Pikku-allu for working on these kit renders.
    Base Kit

    OG Number Kit

    Classic Compute Kit (Extension)

    Red Crimson Cyrillic Kit

    This Cyrillic kit will be full doubleshot, using the same molds /*tom / tvaro is developing for GMK Cyrillic Beige Add-On
    Notable changes from the last GMK run:

  • P3 stock red instead of V1

  • R5 sculpted bottom row

  • base kit has modern physical ISO support on R3/R4 and UK ISO support

  • inclusion of Cherry novelties and other modern perks (F13, second B, etc.)
    RAMA Artisans
    Brass Dual Fill

    White on Red

    Hubble65 by Yoniwolf and Mechs & Co with OG Number kit
    Render by pikku-allu.

    Dawn FE by crykn / Finite Designs
    Render by sGhost.

    Tengu by would / Finder Works, with Crimson Cyrillic Kit
    Render by pikku-allu.

    Horizon by Hand Engineering, with OG Number Kit
    Render by sGhost.

    Petrichor by Alchemist Keyboards
    Render by sGhost.

    After working on a few artisan collabs, I’m excited to announce that

  • TRMK Caps
    Sodie Caps
    Prime Caps
    Fraktal Kaps
    Alpha Keycaps
    Destroyer Caps
    Bad and Booj Keys
    Phage Caps
    will be collaborating with us on GMK Red Alert.
    I designed Yuri Salvador, and Yohan has raffled it off. You can find it floating around mechmarket.

    More Information
    Join my Discord server.
    Fill out this IC survey.

  • konstantin, tom, CoolMike, Psyoshi, Jampot, and depletedvespene for talking through kitting, and Pwner for first suggesting P3

  • pikku-allu and sGhost for the amazing renders

  • previous and related GB runners for their approval and feedback

  • T0mb3ry for approval to use his classic-inspired Cherry novelties, Oblotzky for the connect to Cherry, and hineybush and Lightning for novelty feedback

  • konstantin for the sweet text + icon KLE template

  • My wife, who has supported our family during the moments where I’m working on my Group Buys. <3

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